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CrossDB is a powerful high-performance embedded RDBMS database. It's developed to improve development efficiency for embedded application or embedded system development.


  • Support Multiple OS Platform: Linux/Windows/MacOS/FreeBSD etc
  • Support X86/ARM/PPC/MIPS etc CPU
  • Support OnDisk/In-memory/RamDisk Storage
  • Support Primary Key and multiple Secondary Index
  • Support HASH and RBTREE Index
  • Support Multi-columns Index
  • Support Exact Match, Leftmost Match, Range Match
  • Support C/C++ Struct/Union ORM APIs
  • Support Struct Scheme Auto upgrade/downgrade
  • Support almost all C data types
  • Support rich DEC/HEX/BIN/Bitmap/MAC/IPv4/IPv6/Timestamp formats
  • Support Standard Transaction (begin/commit/rollback)
  • Support WAL for OnDisk storage
  • Dynamic Growing/Shrinking Table
  • Support Multiple Threads and Multiple Processes Access
  • Support Table level read/write lock
  • Super High Performance
  • Very Robust: Process Restart, Process Crash, Power Cycle
  • Very Simple: Simple header and library file
  • Zero Config: no complex config, real out-of-the-box

Use Cases

  • You can use CrossDB RDBMS to Manage Program Runtime Data efficiently.
  • You can use CrossDB transaction to do persistency storage on Disk/Flash with ACID feature.
  • YOu can use CrossDB to support Process Restartability, In-Service Software Upgrade(ISSU) easily.
  • You can use CrossDB RDBMS to refactor your code conveniently.
  • You can use CrossDB Index to optimize performance without changing your code.