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CrosDB Table is a collection of rows(record or tuple) and columns.

  • Table schema is mapped from C Struct, so this is a kind of C Struct ORM(Object Relational Mapping).
  • The C struct is expanded into each single fields for composite data type like array, nested struct etc.
  • Each table can have only one Primary key.
  • Each table can hve many secondray indexes.

Primary Key(PK)

  • Each table can have only one Primray Key, which is used to identify the row uniquely.
  • Primay Key column list shouldn't change during the row lifecycle.
  • Primary Key is implemented with unique HASH index for high performance. You can change to RBTREE as well.


  • If table exists and pFields is different with table schema, table will be upgraded automatically.
  • If you want to know if table exists, you can use CROSS_OPEN to get handle first.
  • Primary Key is HASH type by default to achieve highest performance.
  • If you don't care about performance, you can set CROSS_RBTREE to create RBTREE type Primary Key.
  • If you need both exact match and range match for Primary Key, you can create another RBTREE index with same column list.


// Create table with PrimaryKey="prefix,mask", HASH Type
ret = cross_dbTblCreate (hDb, &hRtTbl, "route", route_schema, "prefix,mask", 0);
CHECK (ret, "Failed to create route table");

// Create table with PrimaryKey="prefix,mask", RBTREE Type
ret = cross_dbTblCreate (hDb, &hRtTbl, "route", route_schema, "prefix,mask", CROSS_RBTREE);
CHECK (ret, "Failed to create route table");

// Get table handle
ret = cross_dbTblCreate (hDb, &hRtTbl, "route", NULL, NULL, CROSS_OPEN);
CHECK (ret, "Failed to get route table");